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Hello world, here’s my heart, my passion, and my art. I pour my heart out into what I do and there’s a lot of context behind my talent. Just like a lot of people, I am very into fashion and makeup.IMG_0056 (1) I like to create different ‘looks’ for my look book, I consider it art; My art. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always liked dressing up my Barbie Dolls and directing fashion shows. I would always try to document my work by wasting all of my mothers disposable cameras, LOL. Fashion & photography have been an interest of mine since I can remember. As I got into my teenage years and hit puberty, I put on some weight and have always struggled getting it off.  Just like every teenager, I had my days of torturing my self image by comparing myself to literally everyone. The media and the world definitely helped. The fashion that I was into never came in my size so I was limited when it came to expressing myself in my fashion. And that’s what has inspired me today!

IMG_0050I decided when I was 25 that I wanted to put looks together and share with the world what fashion means to me. I started by taking a leap of faith and scheduling my very first photo shoot and instantly fell in love. The strength it takes, no matter what you look like, to stand there and radiate  your inner confidence is empowering. I really learned to love myself and I committed to showcasing my fashion, no matter what the world thought of me. Just because I didn’t look like the ‘norm’, I still put myself out there anyway,IMG_2335_Facetune_19-04-2020-11-48-27 and that’s why you’re most likely here today. I hope that you’ve seen me on some social media platform and accepted the message that I’m trying to get across. I want people of all ages to see my work and get inspired. I want people to see that I’m here to relay a positive message about self confidence and self worth. You are enough. This is a message that I struggled to grasp for many years and now that I’m finally here, I want to inspire people to go on their own journey and find their own worth. Follow along with me on Instagram, stay tuned into my website for blogs, and my subscribe to my YouTube channel for a fun time.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a nap, a face mask, some ice cream, and some meditation.  Remember that health is wealth, so take care of yourself and don’t forget to wash your hands. ❤